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What's the Difference Between Value+ Delivery and FasTrack Delivery?

Product Exchange Rate Fees Delivery Time
Value+ Higher $0 3 business days *
FasTrack High $0-$4.99 Instant to 24 hrs *

Value+ Delivery When the money transfer can wait, Value+ offers even HIGHER exchange rates and ZERO transfer fees. Your money transfer will be available in 3 business days. Send a bit earlier and benefit from a higher rate*.

FasTrack Delivery When the money needs to get there FAST, the FasTrack option offers HIGH exchange rates and a low transfer fee of $4.99, and $0 if you are sending over $1000. Your money transfer will be available instantly or within 24 hours.*

NOTE: The maximum amount that can be sent via FasTrack is $2950.00.

* Fees shown are for funding by bank account and debit card. Not applicable for credit card. Paying with credit card may result in additional fees from card issuer.

* To qualify for FasTrack same-day service, you must have successfully used our instant funding account validation. Delivery time is based on a qualified transaction that has been approved and released by our fraud and account security process. Our transaction and account verification process may require us to speak with you, and may delay a transfer.  If transaction does not qualify for FasTrack, we will convert your transaction to Value+. For any questions, please contact us at 1-888-973-6383 or

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Send money online to any bank in Mexico. Get our High Locked-in Online Exchange Rates and low fees for your dollar to peso transfers. Money transfer to Mexico is secure and you will receive quality service. Instant bank deposits & cash pickup in minutes is available. We are the trusted money transfer service to Mexico.

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