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What's the Difference Between
Value+ and FasTrack Delivery?

Product Exchange Rate Fees** Daily Sending limit Delivery Time
VALUE+ Higher $0 $10,000 3-5 business days ***
FASTRACK High $0-$4.99 $2950 Instant to 24 hrs ***

Value+ Delivery When the money transfer can wait, VALUE+ offers even HIGHER exchange rates and ZERO transfer fees. Your money transfer will be available in 3-5 business days. For sending limit of over $2950 additional documentation or information maybe required. 

FasTrack Delivery* When the money needs to get there FAST, the FASTRACK option offers HIGH exchange rates and a low transfer fee of $4.99, and $0 if you are sending over $1000. Your money transfer will be available instantly or within 24 hours.

*If the transaction does not qualify for FASTRACK, we will convert your transaction to VALUE+. You will receive an email advising you of the switch to Value+ with the new (higher) exchange rate and an opportunity to cancel if you no longer want the transfer to be processed. If you do nothing, the transfer will be released in 3-5 business days. If you cancel, a refund will also take between 5-7 business days***

**Please note Delivery time is based on a qualified transaction that has been approved and released by our fraud and account security process, and that there are some additional factors that may affect delivery time of the transfer. These may include:
  • Additional information required by Transfast, the recipient bank, or other financial institution to ensure security and safety of your transaction.
  • Verification of your bank account.
  • Payment network processing hours, delivery time.
  • Branch location hours / delivery hours / holidays.
  • Accuracy of information provided to us, including your personal information and recipient details.

***Business days are Monday-Friday and do not include Weekends, Holidays, Partner Banking holidays in the destination country.

**Fees shown are for funding by bank account and debit card. Not applicable for credit card. Paying with credit card may result in additional fees from card issuer.

For any questions, please contact us at 1-888-973-6383 or

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Estimated delivery time are for qualified customers
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BDO, BPI, Metrobank, M Lhuillier, Cebuana and more!

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Fees $0.00 $4.99$9.99 $4.99$9.99
Speed 3 business days Instant to 24 hours
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FREE Home Delivery
Cash delivered in 6 hours or less to Metro Manila, within 24 hours to key cities and nearby provinces, and within 48-72 hours to other provincial locations.

Also available: Bills Payment, Cash Card, Charity Donations
Delivery Schedule
Initiated BEFORE 3 pm EST (12 pm PST)Initiated BEFORE 10:30 am EST (7:30 am PST) Transferred to Your Recipient
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday
Sunday Thursday
Instant to 24 hours after you pass instant bank verification
30-Day Transfer Limit $10,000 $10,000 ($2,950 maximum per transaction)

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